Elysian Fields NFT Project Development Announced by ESI

ESI is developing Elysian Fields NFT — Metaverse — DAO

The Elysian Fields is a Metaverse created by ESI, can be used for like minded individuals to unite, trade NFTs and share content via blockchain technology, and design their own experience. The EF DAO is formed by a collective of artists and initiatives utilizing a blockchain highway of trustless systems designed to maximize potential. This association is able to forge new pathways for commerce and conscious interaction in the Metaverse.

Elysian Fields, ESI, and the Discord are all under the umbrella of Empyrean Source Platform. The Elysian Fields Metaverse is a decentralized platform that allows users to create their own experiences in the virtual world. The Metaverse combines blockchain technology with digital identity, establishing an interconnected framework of smart objects within the virtual space so other blockchains can interact with Metaverse and exchange value effortlessly.

ESI provides Metaverse Passports to users who do not have a Metaverse ID and also works with blockchains and wallets like Ethereum & MetaMask for authentication purposes. ESI’s goal is to provide an all-inclusive solution for blockchain teams by helping them overcome common challenges such as user acquisition and retention. This includes: creating unique identities on the Metaverse Blockchain which are linked to EmpyreanSource.io accounts via passport QR codes so users can seamlessly interact with each other in new ways. ESI is partnered with Yanja_World and the Artist Guild to create the Elysian Field NFT Collection embedded with Metachip passports.

Our current developments haven’t penetrated to the level we are aiming for yet; however, our vision requires us to buy the most premium land available in the metaverse so that our road connections are as prosperous as possible. We are ready to prove our commitment by being transparent about the money raised during the mint event and the money earned from secondary market sales.

Currently, ESI is beginning the Gaian Road Blockchain ledger and to record transaction based interactions and identifiable objects and entities. This requires creating unique identification for discrete objects, items, users, transactions, locations, and other content as NFT’s and other smart contracts. Before any virtual space or blockchain is created and launched, the formation of it and population of the ledger must occur. After this process has taken place, the point in the Road Map is reached, and funding is raised, the Elysian Fields will be fully launched in the metaverse as 3D virtual space at each of the connecting points across different blockchains. Until then, the interactions of the Metaverse currently take place on the Elysian Fields Metaverse Discord.

Grab a Passport on the OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/elysian-fields-collection/

This article was originally published on Empyrean Blog — https://empyreansource.io/blog/



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